Hebrew & Old Testament 
Year 1 – Old Testament Introduction
This course of 65 lectures is divided into four modules; The Pentateuch, The Historical Books, The Poetic Books, The Prophetic Books. The books of the Old Testament are studied from four viewpoints; Historical Analysis, Literary Analysis, Thematic Analysis, New Testament Analysis.

Year 2 – Old Testament Language
This course is based on "Biblical Hebrew" by Kittel, Hoffer and Wright. The lectures are recorded onto CD using PowerPoint and Macromedia Flash multimedia software.

Year 3 – Old Testament Preaching
This course of 60 lectures begins with a number of lectures which consider the basic hermeneutical principles in preaching from the Old Testament. These principles are then applied in 50 exegetical lectures upon Old Testament passages. The main theme of these will be "Preaching Christ from the Old Testament".

The Seminary also provides a free online Hebrew Course