J Keddie

Rev John Keddie FCCA, DipTh
Born Edinburgh, 1946
Professed faith, 1966
Married Jean Blues, 1971
Children: Ruth, David, Jonathan, Naomi
Accountant (FCCA): 1965-1983
Diploma in Theology: Free Church College, 1986
Licensed to preach: Edinburgh Presbytery, 1986
Ordained and Inducted, Burghead Free Church, Morayshire, 1987
Inducted, Bracadale Free Church, Isle of Skye, 1997
Appointed Lecturer in Church History, 2008
Scottish Athletics – Official Centenary History of the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association
1883-1983 (Glasgow, 1982)
Sing the Lord’s Song – Biblical Psalms in Worship (Edinburgh 11994; Pittsburgh 22003)
Giving to the Lord (FCC 2004)
George Smeaton – Learned Theologian and Biblical Scholar (Darlington 2007)
Running the Race – Eric Liddell, Olympian and Missionary (Darlington, 2007)