1. Purchase Biblical Hebrew by Kittel, Hoffer & Wright (Yale Press).
2. Download the following free software from the links provided.
Macromedia Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat pdf reader
3. View the INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL HEBREW presentations (1-9).
4. Study the "Vowels Chart" flash card.
5. Begin working through the lesson presentations. Try to do the lesson in the book before watching the presentation.
6. Print out the Vocabulary Flash Cards and Grammar Flash Cards as required. These are best printed out on a colour printer set to high quality.
7. The vocabulary presentations use a number of memory techniques.
(i) It is important for you not only to read the words and their english translations silently but to hear them read aloud.
(ii) You should say the word and its translation out loud yourself.
(iii) For each word, an english sentence will be read out. This sentence will contain the sound of the Hebrew word (in blue), together with its meaning in english (in red). A sentence is easier to remember than a word.
(iv) A picture with some relationship to the sentence will be presented. Again, a picture is easier to remember than a sentence, and should engrave the word and its meaning more deeply in the mind.
(v) With some words, a sound with some association with the word, sentence or the picture will be heard. This combination of audio and visual; of word, sentence, picture and sound should combine to enhance your memory of these words.
(vi) Flash cards are provided for you to cut out and carry with you for revision.
8. Assignment Instructions.
(i) Install the
bwhebb font
(ii) Most of the assignments only require you to type in English. Some require you to type Hebrew consonants. Use the installed bwhebb font and use the 28 point size. The keyboard layout is set out on
this page.
9. From Lesson 13 onwards there are reading passages from the Hebrew Bible which you should be able to translate into English for exam purposes. There are three helps provided
(i) READING NOTES parse and translate each word and also integrate the reading notes from the back of the Biblical Hebrew course book.
(ii) VOCABULARY NOTES suggest sentences to help in memorizing new vocabulary.
(iii) The passages from the Hebrew Bible have been colour coded to make familiarisation and translation easier.
Use a good quality colour printer to print out these helps.
10. For help with the course please feel free to contact the Old Testament lecturer at any time.