1. How would the course be described?
The course is Reformed, Presbyterian, theologically conservative with a total commitment to Biblical inspiration, inerrancy and authority.
2. What is the emphasis of the course?
The emphasis of the course is on preparing men for the ministry. Stress is laid on helping men to preach.
3. What would be your specialty?
The course is taught by men active in the ministry and with long experience in the ministry.
4. Do I have to be a ministerial student to do the course?
The course is designed for ministerial students, but it is open to all who wish to study.
5. How long does it take to do the course?
The course will normally take three years of full-time study, but it may be spread over four years.
6. How is the course arranged?
For students doing the course over three years the course is structured as follows:
First Year:– Church History (1), Pastoral (1), Hebrew and Old Testament (1), Greek and New Testament (1).
Second Year:– Church History (2), Pastoral (2), Hebrew and Old Testament (2), Greek and New Testament (2), Systematic Theology (1).
Third Year:– Hebrew and Old Testament (3), Pastoral (3), Systematic Theology (2).
For students doing the course over four years the course is structured as follows:
First year:— Church History (1), New Testament Greek (1), Pastoral Theology (1)
Second Year:— Church History (2), Old Testament (1), New Testament (1), Pastoral Theology (2)
Third Year:— New Testament (2), Old Testament (2), Systematic Theology (1)
Fourth Year:— Old Testament (3), Systematic Theology (2), Pastoral Theology (3)
7. What prior training will I require? It is a normal requirement of the course that students have already completed a general arts or science degree or similar. However it is recognised that some who have not gone to university may have special gifts and abilities. A competence in reading and writing English is of course essential.
8. What tutorial help is provided?
The tutors will be available for contact by email, telephone or letter.
9. Is there face-to-face teaching?
For those who live in the UK there will be two days of lectures and tutorials in Inverness every four weeks (eleven visits including the opening and closing lectures). For those in other countries it will still be possible to study with the Seminary, but it is strongly recommended that if at all possible a visit be made to meet with the tutors at least once a year.
10. Do you award degrees?
No degree is awarded as it would involve some compromise on the part of the Seminary, particularly with regard to the curriculum and content of the course, to obtain degree-awarding status from the relevant government-appointed bodies. The Seminary will award a diploma to those who successfully complete the course.
11. Can I do part of the course?
It is possible to do a section of the course if you so desire. Some might wish for example to study only Apologetics or Systematic Theology.
12. How much does the course cost?
There is a registration fee for the full course of £50 per year. The course itself costs a further £750 per year. Individual classes cost £250 per session.
13. Is there any financial support?
There may be some financial help available in needy cases.
14. Is there any practical training?
The student’s local pastor will have a rôle in practical training, e.g. in preaching, pastoral visiting and evangelism. The pastor will be requested to submit an annual report on the work done and progress made. There is a Preaching Class each month when a student preaches and is constructively critiqued by the lecturer and the other students. Each year there are two Evangelism Modules involving a training week of evangelistic activity, including door-to-door work and preaching, which is organised and led by the lecturer in Pastoral Theology. Students are also expected to attend the annual General Assembly in order to gain practical experience of the workings of Assembly.
15. When does the course begin?
The course begins annually in the middle of September. It is recommended that all students attend the Free Church Summer School in Theology which meets in Larbert from a Monday evening till lunchtime on Thursday in mid-September. Induction and the opening lecture of the Seminary will take place in Inverness the following Tuesday.
16. How do I go about applying?
Request an application form from the Principal.